Golf Bravo

All Mode DX

Welcome to the Golf Bravo all mode DX group

Since the loss of Ken I haven't had the motivation to keep up with the site and have lost all interest in cb radio. After much thought and offering to allow others to administer the website but no one really knowing how, I feel i have been left with no choice but to take down our website.

 I also must express that i am very disappointed with certain members behaviour and attitudes, they should know who they are. They are the reason i have finally come to the decision to take the website down, back stabbing and slagging people off is the work of petty children not grown adults. I have hears rumours of some members trying to organise setting up a new website and would wish them all the luck in the world with it. 

I am leaving this page here as a Tribute to Ken (The Oxman) 26GB1066, Sleep well Good Buddy!